Sunday, February 28, 2010

FRYE and vintage RALPH LAUREN boots..

I wanted to share 2 pairs of my favorite boots we have in stock, well...actually one, we sold the pair on the right this weekend. They are vintage Ralph Lauren, made in the 80's, handpegged, all leather, gorgeous inlay's, these are a collector boot and I am sad to see them go! The pair on the left are FRYE!!! These are also unique, have a great heel and are great looking on! They will fit you if you are between a size 8-9, and are a fraction of the cost of brand new Frye boots! Dave did the Native American artwork pictured behind the boots. There is a set of 3 of them, people have asked to buy them, however I am not yet ready to part with them!

As far as new candle scents go...I will be posting pics this week. We have a new Sea Kelp, that has been selling really quick, clean and fresh. Also we have a new scent called Eclipse that's charcoal grey, it smells like the Abercrombie Fitch scent Ezra, it's masculine, clean, but not overwhelming.

We are booking candle making sessions for the month of March on Saturday nights. Friday's are hard for people coming from work. We only have 3 or 4 spots for

this Saturday the 6th, the other option would be Saturday March 20th! Give us a call if you have any questions.