Sunday, December 20, 2009

ATTENTION HELENA!!! The Grinch may be coming to YOUR House!

There have been many grinch sightings this weekend in Old Town. He was spotted at several businesses. He was fairly well behaved, however, he say's that he LOVES the stench in Wildflower Wax, and I'm afraid he got out with a handful of candles! He tried to take Lora's dog from the bead biz thinking Rocket was Max from Whoville!So, here's the deal....Rumor has it that tomorrow night Monday December 21st, the Grinch will be delivering products and gift certificate's from Old Town to houses here in Helena that he finds to be visually appealing, decorated and filled with Christmas cheer! He likes food too and apple cider and hot cocoa, and so do his friends! Let me just say...........

Please spread the word, Keep a watch on your pet's and your decorations, cause old habits die hard..... We love you Helena! Thanks for your support, and hopefully we will get to see you tomorrow night!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Beware, Grinch Spottings In Helena!!!

The Grinch has reared his ugly head in Old Town! Some think he's scary, I personally think he's.......... kinda sexy!!! The word is, he will be in Old Town tomorrow with candy and available for photo op's! I will say, he is a bit of a clepto, so store owners watch your merchandise....The grinch has lots of surprises in store over the next few day's, so don't go far...... We have a great new photographer in Helena, her name is Jan King from Two Sister's Photography, check out her website, and her Blog. We were so excited that she was here to capture the event.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pear,Ginger,Ginseng & The Grinch

Did I mention that we are open on Sunday's through the holiday season! Drop in candle making 12-4, we close up at 5:00. Well, I was hoping that Dave would wake up early this morning and take me to IHOP, however he has already informed me once this morning that this is his only day to sleep late, and he looked very mean and nasty, like the Grinch when he said it...So while my stomach is making awful noises(not loud enough to wake the grinch), I will tell you about our new candle scent combo's! Pictured below is Pear, Ginger & Gingseng!! This is a hard one to describe, you'll just have to smell it. Then we have..... Buttery Gingerbread, Spicy Orange, Tuscan Winter, layered, not all mixed together. This one has been our top seller this week and last week. Tuscan Winter is one of our signature blends, Italian Biscotti, Cranberry and Pine nut...Many of you have been asking about our boots stock. We have gotten in 25 pairs this week, all sizes, mens and womens!

Dave is still asleep, I'm headed to the kitchen for some coffee, and to watch Church Of The Highlands online service at 9:30. Always a great message via satellite. So, if you have a grouchy spouse that won't get up or a sick child, you just click on the above link at 8:00, 9:30 or 11:15 and watch by the fire in your p.j.'s!