Friday, October 17, 2008

Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival 08

Inside our booth, I am holding Hot Apple Pie 4x6! First day of the show, spirits were high!

The best neighbors ever!

This is the second time we have done this show, it is always a blast! Pictured is our new friends we met Mark and Susan. Mark has a company called rebirthframes. He makes frames out of the old wood from hurricane Katrina, they are amazing. Check them out at http://www.rebirthframes.complease/ pray for Susan's healing she is going through Chemo treatments.

The weather was so great we did not get a lot of school work done, the r.v. park we stayed in is just a few blocks from the show and it has a great pool. The show itself is right on the beach, so much fun! The crowds are unbelievable. We saw a lot of friends from Birmingham! Thanks to the Crawfords and the Harvey's for taking our children for the day, we love you guys! We also ate at a really cool restraunt called Lambert's. You hold up your hands and they throw hot rolls across the room, your drinks come in like 2 quart mugs, they bring around fried okra and potatoes. By the time your meal comes your stuffed! We will definately make that a tradition,the girls loved it's great atmosphere. We also met two ladies who do really cool jewelry, Tara from blue girl beading, who really likes our candles and we love to trade. We also traded with a lady who goes deep sea diving in the south of France for sea glass and then makes unbelievable jewelry with it.

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Kristy said...

I found your blog! I am somewhat envious of your travels though. Will have to pray through that---ha ha! It will be nice to be able to check in with you from time to time here. Hope to see you soon!