Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Studio..... it is. The before pics of our new studio! We are thrilled to have found this old building. It used to be an old dairy. It sits right next to the railroad tracks. They have movie nights in the park across the street on Friday nights. On our block there's a day spa, shaved ice stand, two restaurants, a gift basket store, a gift store, a wedding chapel and my passion, a coffee shop right across the street! It was painted an awful green color on the inside with a faux finish wall in the back. We are in the process of giving it the white treatment. It has old bead board walls and ceiling. Can you believe we plan on opening this coming Wednesday! Please send lots of prayers our way....


Jeanneoli said...

That is an incredible building. You will do great things with it...can't wait to see..and you can't go wrong with coffee across the street!

Rachel said...

This is amazing!! I'm so excited for y'all! Good luck and lots of prayers to you!

B. J. Brooks said...

Love the building. Leigh sent me over to check you out.

My extended family lives in Birmingham, and Jasper Alabama so maybe on my next trip up that way from Jacksonville, Fl. I can pay you a visit.

Love the items you are selling and the atmosphere, and yeah we Moms do express our opinion whether it's needed or not, that's part of our charm.

Many Blessings