Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have to say, I am a touch skeptical! This is what the studio looked like today after lunch ,and we are opening on Wednesday. It's a good thing Dave and I work best with a short deadline! My mom helped out a lot today by bringing us Moe's for lunch and getting the boots in their correct places. Of course, she also had to tell us we were doing it all wrong and painting everything the wrong color, because that's what mom's do. After pointing out the negative I have to say that she is a blessing and we are very thankful for her. My sweet Faith worked so hard in the back room today painting baskets for the different scented wax chunks to go in.

and.....the hardest workers of all....Charlie and Daphne asleep in the window


scrappydee said...

You open tomorrow! Yeah for you and all of Helana. leigh from Bloggeritaville sent me over and I love your blog and you online store - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Creme Brulee/Bluebeey candle. Good luck tomorrow!

LauraBeth said...

Just heard about you from Leigh and Hewy - congrats on your move and welcome to Helena! I can't wait to stop by, introduce myself, and check out your Cobblestone and Tibetan Spice candles - they sound yummy!

jennifer said...

Here by way of Leigh. Best of luck to you in your new studio!

"J" said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hello!!! I came by from teh post Leigh did about your store moving to her hometown!!!!! =)

Well, GOOD luck!!!
To bad I live in Texas or else I would soooooooooooo be there Friday for some sweet tea and moon pies!!!! =)

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Leigh sent me over. Want to wish you the best on your store opening. Love that vintage purse with the ribbon beads and lace. It is awsome.
Hope you will drop by to visit me sometime. Best of luck and wishes for great sales.