Monday, April 27, 2009

Candle Scent That Absorbs Odor?

Many times I have been asked the question, "Do you have a candle that takes away pet odors and such?" There are a lot of companies out there marketing odor absorbing candles. Our Spa Blue scented candles are great for this purpose! We don't market Spa Blue as odor eliminating, however after our chihuahuas came along I have found this scent to really do the trick! It is available in our soy wax mason jars and also in pillar form (pictured). Prices range from $6.00 for one of our square chunkies ,to $23.00 for our 4x4.5 which will burn over 100 hours and is my personal fave! Our candles are not like other candles! They will scent your room when they are not even lit.

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