Friday, July 3, 2009

To many exciting things happening for someone challenged with ADD!!

Did i mention that i am in love with this new little neighborhood called Old Town Helena! in this photo is the little wedding chapel across the street. you can kind of see the blurry little statue in the back, that's LJ! someone very clever and sneaky dresses him for all the different holiday's and they have never gotten caught. I still think his skirt looks like Judy at the Monkey Basket's window treatments! Very cool place, more to come later on Judy and her cute store. This week LJ is cross dressed in a red white and blue dress with a flag halter top! Come make a red white and blue candle with us today and tomorrow. Tonight we are open until 9:00pm.....don't you dig the vintage coke bottle caps Dave added to these beauties!
The most exciting news of the day. La Reunion coffee shop opened across the street!!!Hallelujah!!!Let me tell you, it is fantastic, the owners are as nice as they can be, and the atmosphere is so charming. They just opened this morning and I have already tried a mango strawberry smoothie, a Reese's cup frap, Iced Coffee, and a ham & cheese croissant....
movie night tonight in the park across the street at dusk....Over The Hedge is the feature...Stop by before the movie and make a candle. It will be ready for you to pick up after the movie! We will also open our doors bright and early tomorrow for the farmer's market. Look forward to seeing you!


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Hi Jennifer!

There is lots of excitment there in old town! I am just thrilled for all of you great new businesses.
See you tomorrow at the fireworks display!

Blasé said...

That TV thingy above is a first for me. Cool!

Br. Blessings said...

Very Interesting Blog !!!